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About Split Second Racing

Split Second Racing is owned and operated by Doug Rice of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Doug has been successfully producing races since 1989. Split Second Racing currently produce and time 15 events annually. We can produce an event from A to Z or any aspect in between. We can provide extensive event promotion through, which reaches 75,000 athletes monthly. We provide Ipico Sports Chip timing and other computerized timing services for many events annually, including running, duathlons and triathlons. Split Second Racing and our team of qualified timers use the most advanced technology available to time events of all sizes, from 250 to 5000 participants. While the majority of SSR timed events are located in Monmouth County, we time and assist at events throughout New Jersey. Experience and customer service are the cornerstone of Split Second Racing.

Our Staff

Doug Rice

Doug started his athlete career as an All American college swimmer. In 1982, Doug did his first running event and then advanced to triathlons in 1983. He has competed in every distance from sprint to Ironman Triathlon, with 14 finishes under his belt. Doug also founded the Sandy Hookers Triathlon Club in 1989 which is one of the oldest triathlon clubs in the nation. He started directing events in 1989 with the first War at the Shore Duathlon and the following year founded the Indian Trials Road Race. With his passion for the sport, Doug founded Split Second Racing, and produces over 15 quality events each year.


Linda has approached sport through support and organization. She spent 15+ years in the Information Services division of UPS focusing on aspects of Accounting, Data Collection, Project Management and Task Organization. She has enjoyed many years of volunteering at the start and finish line of the NYC Marathon. She loves the thrill of the athlete’s accomplishment in the air at our events but spends most of her time behind the scenes working to make our events exciting and enjoyable for our athletes.



Kelly began running 5K’s and half marathons in 2005 to keep up with her triathlete husband, but was sidelined in 2009 with a trimalleolar ankle fracture, which happened shortly after she started working for Split Second Racing. Many months of PT, several screws and a metal rod later, she came back strong, crossing the finish line in 2012 at the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Prior to Split Second Racing, Kelly was a Wall Street Recruiter, where she worked in NYC for over 7 years. Then she took some time off to become a mom and tend to her two children. In addition to being a lead timer for Split Second Racing, she is also the Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Race Forum, SSR’s sister company. Kelly has a BA from Fordham University and a MA from Monmouth University.


Meg found her athletic side just before her 30th birthday, where she challenged herself to finish her first ever 5K. Her racing motto is "slow and steady" - the only person she is out to beat is herself. While she cycles regularly for fun, there is always room for improvement in her athletic abilities. There is only one triathlon finisher’s medal around her neck, but she hopes for more to come. When it comes to working for SSR, she is ready to jump in with both feet wherever she is most needed at races - soothing pre-race jitters, organizing, timing, and celebrating athletes' accomplishments as they cross the finish line. She enjoys the thrill of race day and the air of camaraderie at the events – wishfully thinking some more athleticism might rub off on her simply by being around amazing athletes.

Megan has been working for Doug for over half of her life and couldn’t love it more!  Before working for Split Second Racing, Megan volunteered by packaging Race Forum Magazine and helping at Sandy Hooker events.  In her time away from SSR, Megan teaches middle school mathematics.  Thanks to Doug Rice, Megan has started running 5K’s, dreams of competing in triathlons, and encourages teachers and students in her school to become active through exercise.  She even hosts her own 5K run to encourage running by all!

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