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  • We will have two different races, starting with the first race for the older kids(9-14 year olds) and the 8 year olds and under will go after (about 8:30). Boys will go in the first heat, girls about 3 minutes back. First heat starts at 8:00AM. 

  • The kids will line up on the east side of the beach. The swim will be a small horseshoe -type course with at least 8 lifeguards/Support angels in the water. No one will be more than 100 yards from shore. Swim out a little along the buoys, keeping the buoys on their left side at all time.

  • Exit the water on the west side, up the stairs and into the transition area. Please no adults or parents in the transition area during the event. At this time, please make sure your bib is on the front of your shirt, from going out on the bike to finishing the event.

  • Every participant must wear a helmet on the bike. Please make sure the kids know to buckle the helmet before they get on the bike.

  • Walk the bike out of the transition area, mount the bikes once on River Rd

  • Bike Route Here are the maps for the bike course. The 9-14 year olds will be doing two loops. When they come back to River Road and the end of the loop, they will turn left and repeat the loop. Older kids will be given a slap band on their wrist to let us know at the next lap they will be finished. The second time around they turn directly into the finish and walk /run their bikes to the entrance to the transition area right onto Washington, then left on Hunt Street. Younger Triathletes will only do one loop and will be given the slap bands upon going out on their first loop..

  • Run Route.  This is the run route for the older kids, 1/2 mile out turn around and come back. Younger kids will do exactly half of that.  Out Hunt Street, turn right on Washington to the end, turn around and back. Younger kids will only go to Church street (water stop) and come back.


Race Day Details


  • Backpacks will not be permitted in Victory Park before, during and after the event.

  • Any items needed for the event, i.e. clothing, water bottles etc, should be carried in a clear plastic bag or clear garbage bag.

  • Packet Pick up from 4-6PM on Saturday at Victory Park, or Sunday, race morning from 6:45-7:45AM only, no later!!!

  • Water Temperature should be in the mid 70's.

  • We will have two separate races, starting with the older kids(9-14 year olds) first and then the 8 year olds and under.  Boys will go in the first heat, girls about 3 minutes back. First heat starts at 8:00AM.  It is important to spread out for the start.

  • Please make sure the kids get their number written on their arm. We will have volunteers holding up markers to mark arms. This is part of the excitement!!

  • Kids will be given a bib with the timing chip on it. Please make sure all triathletes have their bib on the front of their shirt when they come out of the transition area on the bike. We will have race belts available for only $2.00.Do not swim with bibs on.

  • EVERY PARTICIPANT must wear a helmet. Please make sure your kid(s) know how to buckle their helmets before they get on the bike.

  • We will be setting up the transition area on Saturday afternoon, around 4pm on. We hope to set out the buoys for any local families that want to take a look and reduce any pre-race anxiety. Anyone wishing to help us set up, we would appreciate the extra hands!

  • Note for parents: At the finish line, every child will receive a medal. Placement awards will not be given out because we feel that everyone is a winner.

  • Bring your cameras and get ready to be a very proud parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sister,brother or friend!

Free Clinic for the Kids!!!

We are setting up the transition area from 4-6pm on Saturday, June 9  at Victory Park. At 5pm, there will be a short clinic for the kids to learn how to transition. We will discuss all different aspects of a triathlon during this time.




Where is Victory Park?

Map to Start

What will the water temperature be?

Normally the water temperature is in the 70s in June.

Will my child get any type of award or medal?

Every child that participates will get a medal at the finish line. We are not doing awards for first, second, third place, etcetera because we believe all the children are winners just for getting out there and trying!

Does my child need a helmet for the bike portion?




Parking is limited in the area. Please see map for location for available parking on side streets. Please do NOT park in the Rumson Pharmacy lot.


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